Ready projects of private houses.


Static images of any objects.

The visualization of the club house, "CASCADE HOUSE"in Kiev
Projects of private houses
The project of a private house M6
Projects of private houses
The project of a private house M5
Projects of private houses
The project of a private house M4
Projects of private houses
The project of a private house M3
Projects of private houses
The project of a private house M1
How We Work
Technical specification

We prepare a selection with points of view and other wishes for the images; Coordination of technical specifications.

Object modeling

We give you rough renderings, without texture; Coordinate the angle of view, image orientation, architecture, environment, etc


Filling with details of the environment; Elaboration of models by materials; color correction of the image.


Final processing of images in Photoshop.

VizUP company specializes in the production of static 3D illustrations. The images created by us will be able to present a variety of objects, both existing and those that are only planned to be created. In the process, there are 2 stages of preliminary approvals on drafts, which allow you to be sure that the final renders will meet your expectations, in all details. Team VizUP is able to implement projects of any scale and complexity in real time.

Vladislav Andrievsky
Manager of sales of LCD "Pivdenny quarter"

In our company there was a question how to sell more. We tried many ways to discount promotions, installments, but that's all trite, and have virtually all developers. "Well, what could work?"in search of an answer, we began to study the Internet, and so we came across the architectural Bureau "BURO FORM" and then everything fell into place, why tell people what will be in our complex, if you can just show, and "BURO FORM" helped us with this, and developed us a visualization with which to sell it I really liked the approach to work, and pleasantly surprised by the timing, we will contact again!

Director of marketing

To work with attention to detail is to earn the trust of the client. Our client is thousands of buyers of apartments in a residential complex. We asked "Pyroform" with the problem particularly to elaborate visualization of the complex and to invest in the shortest time. It became easy and convenient to work with the received materials, because they were professionally worked out in details, and the plot is very realistic.

Project manager

Our company turned to the guys a few months ago with the task to make a visualization of the reconstruction of one of the streets of our city. We wanted to show everyone how to transform a simple street into a favorite place for rest and meetings. The results surprised us a lot: we didn't just get beautiful pictures, we saw real life of people, full of comfort and coziness.

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